Texas Venue Cancels Drag Events After Online Threats – JMG

The San Antonio Express reports:

A local venue in the Deco District of San Antonio has been forced to cancel future drag shows planned at the space after far right social media accounts spread a false narrative over Twitter. Starlighter said in a statement on Sunday, December 4, that they were made to feel unsafe after being threatened online in comments and other tweets.

The threats stem from a far right “independent journalist” named Tayler Hansen [photo], who posted video on Twitter of a Christmas drag event for all ages at Starlighter on Friday, December 2. Starlighter says in the statement that the child was never left unattended or was in any danger.

They were the child of a food vendor that was right outside the door of the venue. The child was familiar with both the Starlighter staff and queens and the vendor later posted a photo thanking the queens for treating their child like “a niece.”

Read the full article.

Hansen attended the attack on the US Capitol and took video which he claims proves that Ashli Babbitt was innocent. It doesn’t appear that Hansen has been charged for being part of the mob of insurrectionists. He was arrested last month for disrupting a speech by John Bolton.

William • 3 hours ago

This makes me want to post signs saying “Drag Show Tonite” outside redneck bars.

Nic Peterson William • 3 hours ago

And churches. At least there would be some truth in advertising.

April Smith • 3 hours ago • edited

I’m tired of being pushed around.

When do we stop caving in and start defending our spaces?

Adam Schmidt • 3 hours ago

I understand that we need to protect people from terrorists. But as long as we keep backing down, they have a winning strategy to stop us from having drag events… just threaten violence, no one actually ever gets arrested, and we’re fucked.

DmR • 3 hours ago

The show must go on! If things like this are cancelled, the bigots win!

The_Wretched • 3 hours ago

Come on 3 letter agencies. It’s beyond time to crack down on this domestic terrorism.

Eli Bradley • 3 hours ago

I’m ready to start a movement where children can’t go to church until they’re age appropriate.

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