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I think I asked this question before but I can not find the post to see the comments.  Sorry I am buried with things I need to do, you should see my white board there is very little white space left.   

My question is about the paragraphs and my changing their colors to make them stand out.    I started that because the old theme was so pale it was hard for me to read.   I see this done on other blogs and I like the look, so I do it for most posts.   What do you think, does the colors make it easier to read or harder?   Should I continue to do it or just leave the quoted parts the color they are?  This time I will remember to check this for comments.   Thanks.   Hugs

14 thoughts on “Another blog question

  1. IMO, text should only be “colored” by you if it’s something that you especially want to stand out — and should only be ONE particular paragraph or section. Too much “coloring” simply becomes, well, a “colorful” post. 😁

    As you’ve probably noticed, I occasionally use color when I have quoted an article, but since this is primarily what your posts consist of, I would limit the coloring. JMO.

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  2. As I usually read blogs with the WordPress reader on my Linux desktop or the WordPress app on my android phone, a lot of formatting including text colours is removed. I had to visit your site to see what you meant.

    I’m autistic, and I find the colours unpleasant. So much so that I would prefer not reading your posts to reading them directly on your blog. Fortunately the reader and the app gives me another option.

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    1. Hello Barry. Thank you for the feedback and your suggestion on how to read it without the colors. You helped me make up my mind. Because there is a way to read it without the color additions if a person wants but no way to add them if I don’t both sides of the issue are happy. I will post on it soon. Thanks again for the information, as I do not use the reader or app I did not know it was a different format. Best wishes.

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      1. Hello Ali, you make a point others have which is it is my blog. That is true but the point of why I post like I do is to share these things which I am interested in and that dispel the misinformation / lies of the right wing. And everyone’s feedback helps me make the blog better. Thanks for the feedback. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Thank you for the feedback. Yes as Barry said it is hard for him and it could be for others with different medical conditions. But he pointed out something I did not know, that the reader and the app takes out the colors or formatting. As for doing what feels right I will make a post on this soon. Hugs

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  3. I find it distracting. On the other hand, when I stopped teaching people how to create a blog (amongst other things), when I stopped getting paid for it, I stopped criticizing other people’s blogs.

    But just this once: I actually think you clip too much. You don’t need to post the whole article ~ it cry’s out for tl;dr (too long, didn’t read). It’s pretty common to do as JMG does, with a paragraph up top and the body below the fold, though to be honest that too cry’s out for tl;dr. I did that quite a bit in the early dayz, now I just like to find the most salient point and add a bit of commentary. The point I’m trying to make is with a link up top and more below the fold those interested enough will follow through; those that are just surfing or are already familiar with the materials can move on to your next post.

    And that’s it for criticizing ~ if I didn’t lie it I wouldn’t keep coming back …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. Thank you for the feedback. You raise a great point on how much I clip / quote from an article. I do take the entire article if I want to post it (which some feel is a disrespect to the original poster) and I cannot do a reblog. If it has a reblog I use that, but I found out from viewers they only read what I post here. Take JMG how many people just read the part he clips? I try to go to the article he links to (some won’t let me unless I register or pay) and will often post that as I like the added information. But most won’t. With the entire article in one post on my blog viewers can speed read or read the parts of an article that they feel is most important. I am different from other viewers in that I like the added information and will read an entire article. The only time I lose interest and my eyes glass over is with super long ones that drone on and on giving every minutia of background. But I like as you said that people can just skip what they don’t like. It is like when I often I get criticized for posting too many posts a day. But I don’t expect everyone to read / watch each post. I post what really interests me and I want to share, I figure others do not have the same interests all the time.


      1. I didn’t necessarily want to … ahhhh, criticize. I’ve reached a point in my blogging where I’m so tired of yelling at the cloud I don’t care. I post links to the stuff I read, if people want to read it great! If not …


        1. Ten Bears … I appreciate your “philosophy” related to your blog posting. BUT … I do think people like to read opinions/observations/gripes/etc. of the blog owner as well. Something to think about?


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