Republican literally CRIES begging colleagues to vote against same-sex marriage bill

I am so sick of the cries of fear and doom, of how their rights to discriminate against us gays are the only thing these Christians can see when it comes to same sex marriage.   It has been the law of the land for over 7 years and no church has been forced to do a same sex marriage, no one has been jailed for refusing to enter into a same sex marriage, the sky has not fallen nor has their god rained fire and brimstone on the US.  All that has happened is the same thing that happens when a marginalized minority gets their equality / civil rights entered into law in the US, more people are able to enjoy the rights the white Christians have always had.   I am so tired of this shit.  What this woman and those like her are demanding is follow my religion or Everything we love will be destroyed which is our right to deny you the same rights we have.   We need that to feel superior to you, praise our god!   Her own very cute nephew responded to this destroying her arguments here.   Sadly this grand Christian woman is part of a family that told that nephew that he was no longer welcome to family holiday celebrations including Christmas because he has the dreaded gay disease.   I will try to find the link and put it here.   Love you all but this shit is getting really hard on me personally.   The drive to make us conform to their straight is accepted only due to their religion lifestyle or they will kill us / drive us from society is too much now.   It seems they are on a desperate push, and either make or break to drive the LGBTQI+ from society and install their own scriptures as the rules we must live by.   Anyway.   Hugs

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