An update on my day yesterday

Hello Wonderful people.   For those like Nan who keep telling me to step back from the news and the blog, today you got your way.   During the night last night (that would have been Thursday night to Friday morning) as I laid awake from before 2 AM I thought about the plans Ron had to go to 6 stores to get the soda I love and drink all day.

Side point I got used to drinking non-caffeine diet soda and Ron demanded it not have aspartame in it.   He found an RC cola named Diet Rite that had Splenda instead and for years he bought me that.   Then it got really hard to get, so he also looked into other store brands, and he found that Publix store brand caffeine free diet soda also had no aspartame and to me it tasted just like the RC diet rite soda.  See I cannot stand most diet sodas, they have a horrible after taste to them, take a sip and after it goes past the tongue and you swallow it comes back with a huge bitter taste.  I won’t drink them.  

But just like the RC Diet Rite the Public soda has suddenly become hard to get.   We are not sure why as all the other public soda is on the shelves.   Because it has become so hard to get, anytime people find it they take all of it on the shelves.   I don’t blame them as I do the same thing.  It has to be something to production of just that one kind, maybe it is made by the same company that makes the RC cola.  I am sure it is not just the universe watching which soda I like then tightening the supply to drive me crazier than normal.  

New day got up seriously late at 8 AM.   

Let me finish with my day yesterday.   I decided I would go with Ron to the stores.   That took until noon.   When we got home neither of us diabetics had eaten and since we bought hamburger, I made up some tacos.  I love tacos and like anything I cook I dash it up with my own additives.  Family seems to love it.    Then we went for a nap.  Only I did not get up until five o’clock.   I started to do some computer stuff but then the subject of supper came up.  Ron said he did not want to cook and reminded me he had asked me to make a tomato red sauce for spaghetti and other pastas for a few days.  So I did.   I have a thing about tomato red sauce, I feel it doesn’t have to taste the same every time.  In fact I don’t want it to.   This time I did not want a sweet basil taste so I went very light on the basil, a tad heavier on the oregano, lighter on the garlic even though we all love garlic here, sage as I did not want sausage in the sauce, more of the secondary seasonings.   I wanted a very smooth sauce so I used less hamburger and cooked it in the tomato base and chopped the vegetables very fine, making a very smooth light sauce.   I did not put in tomato paste which I normally do as we like a thicker sauce normally and it adds a deeper tomato flavor.  I added black pepper but no salt, again slight changes that make a large taste difference.   Then I let it cool and put the entire pot in the refrigerator for the night.  Then Ron made homemade meatballs but while I normally cook them in the tomato sauce instead this time I had him bake them first to drain any oils off so I wouldn’t need any tomato paste.   By the time I was done it was very late for me and I had taken extra medications all day to keep going all day.   That is why I slept so late.   

 Ron loved having me engaged in tasks with him instead of being on the computers reading / watching news and dealing with my blog.   However again it put me another day behind on comments.  And I might need to sleep a lot today for all the extra activity and extra medications.   Going out with Ron to the stores was a way to break the rut I had gotten into about not leaving the house.  Like the tomato red sauce life it best when it is not always the same.   It needs to have different flavors by changing up the amounts of each ingredient.    Hugs


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