Kirk: Black-Centered Education Has No Place In Schools

Kirk is a well know republican racist bigot.   So he thinks a white centered white straight history is the only history to be taught.    Hugs

“I am enthusiastically behind Ron DeSantis saying that Black-centered education has no place in Florida schools, obviously. It’s bigoted from its premise.

“First of all, Western culture is better and it’s a thoughtcrime to say it out loud. Number two, Blacks were sold into slavery by other Blacks. Can’t say that out loud, Thomas Sowell wrote that in great detail.

“Number three, when Blacks were given opportunities to return home, they did not want to return home. Blacks didn’t want to leave.

“I mean obviously, slavery is reprehensible and terrible and awful, but there’s a lot more to that story than people would ever want to acknowledge and admit, which is more Blacks have come to America voluntarily than ever came in the slave trade.

“More Blacks have come to America voluntarily since the 1980s, whether it be from West Africa, from the Caribbean, than ever came in the slave trade.” – Charlie Kirk, on yesterday’s show.


It doesn’t matter who sold them into slavery, and it doesn’t make it alright if black tribes sold members of other black tribes into slavery. SLAVERY IS WRONG. Also, the history courses are pretty much WHITE-CENTRIC. Why is THAT OK? Why shouldn’t black AND white children learn about black history? It’s as much a part of our nation’s history as white history. Go pop your zits in private, Charlie, and leave the rest of us alone.

“Number three, when Blacks were given opportunities to return home, they did not want to return home. Blacks didn’t want to leave.

WTF? Charlie, were first generation slaves offered the chance to return to their homelands? I think not. If this even happened it would have been generations later. That would be like someone offering anyone of us whose families have been here for generations the opportunity to return to the motherland. Ones family and life are now here. The lunacy of these bigots drives me crazy.

It’s how Liberia was setup, but they had to be able to pay to return there. It wasn’t a ‘free’ trip. So that’s why most Black people wouldn’t have ‘wanted’ to leave. Not to mention that people don’t like forced migrations… Once moved, why move again?


They were Americans – why would they want to be deported, rather than being treated as fellow Americans?

If someone wanted to “return” me to Scotland, I might take them up on it. I’d love to live where it rains most of the time, everything is deep fried, and men wear skirts to special events.

But if they just wanted to “return” me to a random chunk of Europe carved out as a dumping ground for anyone of European descent, where a non-English language was spoken by the locals and all the customs were foreign, that would be a completely different matter.

And that’s the kind of “return” that was offered to African Americans after the War of Secession.

Real History! It explains a lot.

And where in hell was “Home?” It’s not like they kept records of where each slave was originally from, with an address to send them “back” to.

Kirk’s argument is essentially racist– that all Blacks are the same “people” and that the whole of Africa is their only “home”.


And this is why Black History needs to be taught in the schools.


If Charlie Kirk had any awareness he’d realize that this is a total self own

Somebody kidnap his cracker ass and sell him off into slavery.

First of all, Western culture is better


I guess black Americans like MLK, Fredrick Douglas, and Harriet Tubman weren’t “western.”

Now Sarah, you know he means “white” when he says “western culture”.

Right?! Redlining, segregation, and a racially bounded GI bill weren’t “western.”

I’ve made it a rule to not listen to dropouts tell me what to be ought included or excluded from school curriculum. I only listen to dropouts talking about school when they’re talking about ways to keep people in school.

Charlie Kirk is the result of someone feeding Ben Shapiro after midnight.



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