Some things that make me feel better right now

Best Wishes and Hugs,

9 thoughts on “Some things that make me feel better right now

    1. Hello Jill. Yes it is a comfort I am really starting to both need and appreciate. Our recent rescue cat has taken to coming to the bedroom when I go lay down and curling up against me. Even though he is so thin I rarely feel him get on the bed or press on me until I wake up. Once he realizes I am awake he starts to purr. Ron tells me he sees Tupac crawl up on me and either lay down or just stand on me looking toward my face a lot. I wonder why? I wonder if he realizes I am not feeling well and wants to somehow make sure I am OK? Thank you Jill. Hugs

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      1. They can sense when we are not well, or when we are just sad. Our Ollie stays away from me when I’m angry, but if I’m sad or not feeling well, he is in my lap, snuggling and cuddling with me. I can’t imagine a household without furry family members! Hugs

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      2. I’m a chronic migraine sufferer, and I’ve found that both dogs and cats seem to know when I’m not feeling well, and I’ve also noticed that dogs seem to be able to detect a migraine is on the way before I can sense it. Be they dogs or cats, I really appreciate their company when I have a migraine, whereas I find the distress that humans have when they see me suffering only adds to my own.

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