Utah Republican SHOCKED the Bible Might be Banned in Schools Due to His Book Ban Law

17 thoughts on “Utah Republican SHOCKED the Bible Might be Banned in Schools Due to His Book Ban Law

  1. Why has it taken so long for such laws to be challenged in this way? Why not challenge any book that depicts “sexualisation” such as a husband and wife kissing or cuddling or any book that infers where babies come from. In fact why not go the whole hog and ban any book that mentions husband and wife in the same paragraph. After all, if the fundamentalists are to be believed, the only reason for marriage is procreation. Last time I looked, for procreation to occur, sex is necessary.

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    1. Hello Barry. I agree. Even addressing the teachers are Mr. or Mrs / Miss is gendered. What these lawmakers are trying to push is the idea that it is only gender and bad when it is a same sex couple or a trans gender person. That all heterosexual gender indoctrination is not only normal but to be enforced. Next comes the gender roles enforced in the 1950s. Thanks. Best Wishes.

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    2. So is menstruation, in the person who’s gonna gestate a pregnancy and bring forth a child. But they don’t want young people knowing that periods exist, either. Seems like they’re just asking for catastrophic consequences, to me.

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      1. Hello Ali. Oh yes I even hate to talk about something so personal. It is like talking about boys ejaculating. It is no one’s business Ever unless they are involved in the act! Ok as a guy I will say that yes boys need to be instructed on this as surely should be all girls. But you are correct they don’t want young people / kids to know about their bodies and how they work. Hugs

        *** Avoid if sensitive or do not want to read of child abuse ***

        My earliest memory of this is at 6 years old:

        After being raped and knowing my underwear was soiled, I would get up and go to the bathroom to rinse them out, throwing the solid ones in the laundry basket then putting on fresh ones. As you can imagine, I was really embarrassed by all of this. This went on for years almost most of my childhood as I can remember but more when I got to be about 7 or 8. Before that I don’t even remember the issue as I slept in a hallway but I do remember one time my adoptive mother wiping up my bottom and giving me a bad spanking demanding I never do that again.

        But one day my adoptive mother dragged me into the bathroom to demand I explain my wet underwear, which I think now may have been an attempt to make me admit I was being raped. I was maybe 10 or 11 when this happened, I am not sure I even could ejaculate at this point. I stumbled to say something and she demanded to know if I was masturbating but did not use that word. I mumbled yes I did that and she informed me not to wash my underwear anymore, but she seemed to miss the poop stuff in them. I got the point. I was to just suffer in silence and it was known, so don’t try to cover it up. My abusers were now covered and free to do as they wished and I was to wear that underwear all night. That was until I was made to understand that I shouldn’t wear underwear at all. Hugs


  2. Saw that coming. When you draft a law you have to consider all the angles and options, otherwise…..
    Sarcasm warning….Sarcasm Warning….
    What those folk in Utah shoulda done was to read ‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury…Now there is the simple solution for them.
    (Of course some of them would have to ditch their copies of ‘Mein Kampf’ and ‘The Protocols of Zion’)

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        1. I remember! He frequently answered them in almost-riddles, but the bottom line is, Jesus was always about loving and feeding people.

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            1. Hello Roger. Cognitive dissonance is something I never heard of until the HBO series West World. The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. I have often wondered at the idea some people have of claiming others are wrong for doing the same thing they are doing themselves. My question is how to overcome it? It is like our own bias towards some issues that keep us from seeing other views even if they are valid. How do we train ourselves to recognize our on cognitive dissonance even as we see it in others? Hugs

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              1. I agree Scottie. It is a curious spectacle to view from the outside. Reading back over history you meet it time and time again.
                People infused with anger, fear and or prejudice will take up any slogan to justify their assumptions.
                It is not something unique to the American Right, you will encounter equal biases, lack of rationality and displays of ignorance on the Left.
                You have highlighted the nub of the problem. How to get rational dialogue going again when the atmosphere is so febrile and both sides feel threatened by the other.
                One of the biggest clutch of villains who stride all political and religious divides are the Conspiracy folk who share a denial that freak events happen, and that Humanity runs the entire world including the weather. Once upon a time these views were the preserve of crackpots; since the assassination of JFK, 9/11, Climate Change, Covid and some terrorist events in the UK there has been so much nonsense spewed out onto the media there are sections of folk who in their hysteria are willing to believe everything has to eb the result of some sinister all-seeing control.
                This is plain ridiculous since Human history is a catalogue of errors, screw-ups, pratfalls, ignorance, prejudices and greed.

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    1. Hello Roger. The reason these people never think it will apply to them or their books is because they demand their way is the only way to be normal. I watched several conversations in state legislatures on the issue of gender talk and the democrats were asking these very questions about cis gender use and the republican lawmaker couldn’t understand the question. Then she stated that of course it wouldn’t apply to “normal” couples or teachers. She said the word normal. It is entirely about pushing an ideology on kids that gay / trans is bad, anything not 1950s man in charge woman keeps man happy in home is bad. Boys get no rules, girls have to obey all rules. Boys will be boys but girls better not give in or it is their fault. Hugs

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      1. They never do Scottie.
        They use the words ‘normal’ ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ with an exclusivity and by very narrow definitions.
        Personally I would refer to anyone who keeps several one hand guns in their house are ‘Normal’. And that’s before we get onto parents who believe in Qannon.
        Take care you guys.

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