Rebekah Jones, the woman who refused to lie about the Covid deaths in Florida, who DeathSantis has targeted for arrest and harassment.

My family is not safe. My son has been taken on the gov's orders, and I've had to send my husband and daughter out of state for their safety.

THIS is the reality of living in DeSantis' Florida.

There is no freedom here. Only retaliatory rule by a fascist who wishes to be king

A week after we filed our lawsuit against the state, a kid claiming to be the cousin of one of my son's classmates joined their snapchat group. They recorded their conversations, and anonymously reported my son to police for sharing a popular internet meme.

They said they had to complete a threat assessment since they received an anon complaint, which both the local cops and the school signed off on as not being a threat. The kids were joking about cops and video games, which included this meme:

Two weeks later, bringing us to earlier today, an officer told me the state issued a warrant for my son's arrest for "digital threats of terrorism."

I asked on whose orders. The officer said it was the state.

They aren't letting him come home tonight. They kidnapped my son.

I had to get my husband and daughter out of here because CPS now interprets my home as dangerous because they've charged my 13 year old son with a felony for sharing a meme.

Less than a week after filing the first lawsuit in America against a state's Covid lies

I'm sorry for not getting back to everyone who is frantically calling and messaging me. I'm trying to keep it together and stay here and fight for my kid.

This state has already gotten away with pointing guns at my son during their raid. I will not let them hurt him again.

I am begging as a mother and an American for the @CivilRights @TheJusticeDept to stop this.

My son has paid an already heavy price for his mom being a legally-protected whistleblower.


Originally tweeted by Rebekah Jones (@GeoRebekah) on April 6, 2023.

3 thoughts on “Rebekah Jones, the woman who refused to lie about the Covid deaths in Florida, who DeathSantis has targeted for arrest and harassment.

    1. Hello Nan. This is the second attempt to answer you. The first one got closed before I sent and not saved. I understand the point you are making. But I see the like button more as a thank you for making the post. On really bad harmful posts where clearly it is not the subject of the post you want to like but you do want to thank the author for making it I try to add a note why I am liking it.

      As for this woman she has been attacked by DeathSantis since 2020 as he used the entire power of the state government to harass her and her family because she refused to fake the covid death numbers in the state to back up DeathSantis claim that covid was not in Florida nor killing a lot of people. The fact is Florida had one of the highest rates of death from Covid and DeathSantis still to this day wants to hide that fact. Here are links to two more times DeathSantis used the police to attack this woman and her family. DeathSantis is dangerous because he is a thug who wants to use the powers of the government to enforce is will on the people. Hugs,act%20of%20retaliation%20against%20her.

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      1. We see things differently (but you already knew that!) … because I look at the “Like” more from the perspective that I agree with/approve of/or just plain “like” the topic of the post. When I write my own posts, I don’t expect to be thanked for writing them … I’m more interested in how people react to them. If I don’t get many likes, I figure it was probably a topic that didn’t interest the person. But that’s just me.

        As for DeSantis … I feel sorry for you having to live under the conditions that he has “forced” upon people. It’s really unfortunate that the hurricane came along when it did or perhaps you could be living far away from his dictatorship.

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