Florida teen gunned down by online boyfriend who was afraid he’d get outed


This is the result of the Republicans unwarranted attacks on gay people / the LGBTQ+.   This is what they want, gay people especially kids too scared and afraid to come out of get found out as gay.  They want it to be terrifying.   It doesn’t make more kids straight, but it does make gay kids / people stay in the closet.  To hide and not be visible.   And the Republicans and religious leaders know this, they understand what they are doing.   DeathSantis understands he is making LGBTQ+ kids targets, the writer of the don’t say gay bill admitted that was what he wanted when he wrote it, and erasing LGBTQ+ people from the public view.   Out of sight out of mind.  Hugs

Florida teen gunned down by online boyfriend who was afraid he’d get outed
Telan MannPhoto: Daytona Beach Police

A 19-year-old Florida man has been arrested after police say he shot and killed his online boyfriend because the victim might reveal he is gay.

Jakari Webb was taken into custody Tuesday night by the Daytona Beach Police and charged with fatally shooting Telan Mann, also 19, who was gunned down just before 2 a.m. on June 23.

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Police said the teens had been talking on social media since February when they agreed to meet in person for the first time at the spot where Webb allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Mann multiple times.

Officers were patrolling in the vicinity when the shooting took place and heard the gunshots. They arrived to find Mann “in a pool of blood with multiple bullet wounds on his body,” according to a statement from police. Mann died at the scene.

A neighbor in the vicinity said she heard at least seven gunshots.

Jakari Webb Daytona Beach Police

Police arrested Webb Tuesday while executing a search warrant at a home on Garden Street, where they also found a handgun. Webb was charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond at Volusia County jail.

“Our homicide unit has been working this case non-stop since Telan was fatally shot,” DBPD Police Chief Jakari Young said in the statement. “I commend them for a job well done and for providing Telan’s family some closure. It doesn’t replace his life, but I hope it does give his loved ones some measure of peace moving forward.”

On Wednesday, police revealed they have evidence showing Webb and Mann, who was out, were involved in the online relationship for about four months, and that Webb was fearful Mann would expose their relationship and out Webb as gay on social media.

“There was some concern that Telan either had or was going to post something on social media kind of outing the suspect,” Young said.

Mann’s grandmother, Deborah Mann, posted pictures of Webb to social media, asking for the public’s help finding her grandson’s killer.

According to Chief Young, investigators scoured Mann’s text and social media messages and viewed over 120 hours of security cam videos to track Webb’s movements.

In addition to first-degree murder, Webb has been charged with a probation violation and resisting arrest after he tried to flee from SWAT and K-9 officers. Young said officials are exploring additional hate-crime charges in the case.

Friends and neighbors of the victim said Mann was a joyful person.

“He always wanted everybody to be on good terms,” said one friend who requested anonymity. “He always was the positive one around the group. He never wanted any bad energy at all.”

“It just breaks your heart to see things happen because that’s two lives gone. Not just one, so I don’t understand,” said Eula Hicks, a neighbor.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Chief Young called the crime senseless. “It’s extremely tragic and it’s just completely unnecessary.”


5 thoughts on “Florida teen gunned down by online boyfriend who was afraid he’d get outed

  1. This is exactly what we knew would begin to happen, and so many did all they could to prevent these conditions. I hope FL’s voting/election laws haven’t changed to allow changing results to favor the fascists. So many people can’t just pick up and move, but there are definitely going to end up being refugees from these awful laws. Those legislators/the Gov have all the blood on their own hands. I don’t think the Merriam-Webster gives this definition of pro-life.

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    1. Hello Ali. You are correct, we all said this violence was coming if the Republican’s in office kept spouting the misinformation and lies about the LGBTQ+. If they keep saying that the trans are attacking your little daughters in the bathrooms and the gay teachers are forcing your boys to switch genders and have same sex orgies in 1st grade. The more they demonize a group the easier it is for the public to turn on them and the more that group has to hide in fear of being outed. I am reading how Iran just killed a couple teenage boys because they had sex with each. In Arab countries they go through people’s phones looking for anything implying same sex attractions. You are correct that these republican governors have blood on their hands. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. Young immature minds / emotions in a panic feeling their entire life is ending over something that shouldn’t even be a bad thing except the republicans in office and the religious leaders keep demonizing it by claiming they are all evil pedophiles out to hurt little kids. That talk gets into the minds of the followers / public, that is why the republicans and the rabid right is doing it. Yes he did not think it through and maybe he thought he would get away with it. In his mind maybe going to prison for murder was a better choice than being known as a queer. I cannot imagine being so self hating that I would rather go to prison for murder than have people know I was gay. What a world these republicans have created. In so few short years we went back a hundred years in our culture. I am still trying to figure out how this happened so fast. Hugs

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