Reprise: Straight line …

Hello Ten Bears. This is an important analysis that needs to be read by as many people as possible. Great post. Hugs

Homeless on the High Desert

Sarah Burris @ Raw Story reports on a New York Times report that seems to support my theory that we would not be here today if we had just held lipstick-on-a-pig Sarah Palin responsible for the assault on Gabriel Giffords and the deaths around her after she, Sarah Palin, painted a target on them [1.8.’11].

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters walked through the line crafted by Sarah Palin in 2008 that enabled Donald Trump’s success in 2016.

Writing in his bookInsurgency, Peters explained how using language about entitlement and victimhood from people like Rush Limbaugh and Phyllis Schlafly led straight to Palin and ultimately Trump

Palin was the one who attacked the establishment like the Bush family as “blue bloods” who could “pick and choose” the GOP’s winners over the will of the voters. Those “elites” The more they attacked her for being absurd or lacking in…

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9 thoughts on “Reprise: Straight line …

  1. One of Humanity’s several flaws is the Selectivity factor, when we invest our social or political ‘blood and treasure’ in a person or a movement.
    The business of lambasting the slightest flaw in someone or a movement not approved of, yet making excuses for those you support is as common on The Left as it is on The Right (I have been involved in several heated debates with fellow socialists on such issues).
    Selectivity does lead to a Cultish quality and tends to wallow in ignorance.
    And avoidance of saying ‘Where might we be going wrong’.

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        1. Hello Roger. I cannot speak for other countries, but here in the US I don’t think the problem is equal in both parties. The left calls out its bad members and removes them, the right here approves of their bad members, encourages them and then elects them. Yes politics can be very tribal and it is something we all need to be aware of especially those of us that advocate for specific positions. I feel the way to combat that tribal nature to some respect is to hold positions, support ideas, and then honestly evaluate the people who might claim to be for or against those positions. Having said that in the US two party system with our way of electing specific people not just parties often you have to vote for the party as a lesser of two evils thing. Hugs

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          1. It is a facet of democracy that we share. Voters voting against rather than for.
            This happened to the UK Labour Party in 2019.
            In its normal state Democracy is messy but muddles through.
            The danger arises when extremists gain traction at the same time as there is a measure of disillusionment with the opposition, somewhere the corrosion of Apathy amongst some slips into the mix.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I once thought that Palin getting selected as a major party vice president candidate was the most absurd thing possible. Now we have the howler monkeys on the right like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marge Greene, Lauren Boebert, and the king of them all Donald tRump. The world and politicians have gotten a lot smaller as I have gotten older. Hugs


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