Sanders: Manchin Purposely Sabotages Biden’s Agenda

I watched the interview in real time.   The host kept cutting him off.   She did not want him to point out it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage the Biden term and she tried to stop Sanders from talking about how Manchin rakes in big money from donors to deny the public any benefits.   Sanders explained how Manchin’s game is to draw everything out then kill it then let it start to repeat his prior actions.   draw it out and delay anything getting done.   He also explained that Manchin is not serious about cutting inflation just using it as a scare word because plans developed that he kills have all had things to cut inflation.   I am not sure if is is all money or if Manchin thinks he should be president or what, but he really wants to take down Biden and the Democrats.   I suspect it is because of the attempt to hold his daughter accountable for the horrific increase in price of the EpiPen when it shouldn’t have needed to be increased at all.   Hugs

“He has sabotaged the president’s agenda. No, look, if you check the record, six months ago, I made it clear that you have people like Manchin – Sinema to a lesser degree – who are intentionally sabotaging the president’s agenda, what the American people want, what a majority of us in the Democratic Caucus want.

“Nothing new about this. And the problem was that we continue to talk to Manchin like he was serious. He was not. This is a guy who is a major recipient of fossil fuel money, a guy who has received campaign contributions from 25 Republican billionaires.

“In my humble opinion, Manchin represents the very wealthiest people in this country, not working families in West Virginia or America.” – Sen. Bernie Sanders, this morning on ABC This Week.

soylocomoco • 15 hours ago

I don’t think it takes a lot of deep thinking to see that Bernie is right about Manchin. He claims to be working towards a compromise but never gets there. We need a ton of blue votes in the midterms to override him, and then kick him to the curb.

Grimes soylocomoco • 15 hours ago

Manchin is the Lucy to Biden’s Charlie Brown

TrollopeReader soylocomoco • 15 hours ago

And if after last summer (when he knew Manchin’s bottom line)…Schumer is either clueless or impotent as majority leader. Or both. Same damn pattern …every time.

Guestfornow soylocomoco • 15 hours ago

Ton more blue votes
Hold him close.
Keep your enemies closer.
We will need him at some point
You just know if the left had 59 senators, the right would find a way to trick the left to go back and add the filibuster.

4 thoughts on “Sanders: Manchin Purposely Sabotages Biden’s Agenda

    1. Hello Nan. Thank you for the link to the article. I enjoy his writing and his YouTube videos. I admit it has been a while since I watched them, and this reminds me I need to start again. What he really points out is that Manchin and other elected office holders flat out lie to the people and do so routinely. And people accept it with no push back against the politicians. People have gotten so used to it that the saying is all politicians lie. But why should we the people give them a pass? Why have people stopped holding them to account? Hugs


      1. You ask … Why have people stopped holding them to account? … and I go back to my oft-repeated observation. The average individual just has too many other things to worry about. Seriously, Scottie. If truth were known, I would bet the number of people actively involved with political matters (outside of politicians) –either physically or online– are in the very low percentile.

        A lot of “old folk” (the ones who have the time) get most of their “news” on their TV — in fact, I would say VERY few actually subscribe to and/or read newspapers that focus on political matters. And putting our personal opinion of Faux News aside, most “news” stations offer little more than commentary … which is one of the prime ways to influence viewers.

        As to why the politicians themselves don’t hold him to account? I think you know the answer to that one.

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        1. Hello Nan. I agree with you. I have yet to understand why other countries have such large voting populations yet the US has such a low voter turnout.

          As for TV networks’ new shows yes I agree, they are mostly opinion and commentary. I would love to say that the prime time shows on the “mainstream” networks give more facts and less misleading opinions, but some are pretty close to Fox level distortions in the drive for higher ratings. Hugs

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