$1.4M For DeSantis’s Migrant Flights “Unaccounted For” – JMG

Did we just catch him with a state funds kick back?   We know he is dirty and willing to do what ever he has to win the big prize, but is the crimes going to be this easy to catch?   Next is to try to hold him accountable, as he has set up a kingdom here in Florida that he can order to block and defend him.    Hugs

The Miami Herald reports:

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration has so far paid more than $1.5 million to a politically connected contractor for a program to fly migrants from Texas to northeastern states — but the private jets chartered by the contractor cost only a fraction of that sum.

Newly released public records show the contractor, Destin, Florida-based Vertol Systems Company, was quoted a price of roughly $153,000 for two charter plane trips from San Antonio to the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard. That leaves about $1.4 million in Florida taxpayer funds unaccounted for.

Vertol has connections at the top of the DeSantis administration. The high-ranking DeSantis official who supervised the migrant flight program, public-safety czar Larry Keefe, handled Vertol’s legal work for years. He also served as President Donald Trump’s U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida.

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Glenn • 6 minutes ago

Somebody had pay to get the FOX camera crew there to record the migrants’ arrival. Also, I think there was a videographer on board not to mention the mysterious coyote (recruiter) who seems to have disappeared.

jeffg166 • 14 minutes ago

Check Ron’s cookie jar.

Friday • 18 minutes ago

I can dream DeSantis gets busted and thrown in prison right after the right-wing donors get done shoving aside and destroying Trump. 🙂

Davið • 25 minutes ago

Can you say “Secret Illegal Offshore Bank Account”?

rednekokie • 27 minutes ago

Just another example of politicians sucking the government cow. It happens daily, folks.

cfa • an hour ago

They also had to pay a few hundred dollars to the “travel agents” who recruited the passengers for the flights.

So it’s really only $1,399,500 that’s missing.

UiscePreston Mark • 3 hours ago

Since sales tax is 80% of Floridumb’s revenue stream, it does rely on a huge tourist trade to make up for a lack of state income tax. So it’s not just the idiotic voters.

Karl Dubhe IV • 4 hours ago

Kickbacks? Maybe Ron can join Don in prison? If the DOJ gets off of their asses.

John T • 3 hours ago

No big deal, he’ll just write an executive order to criminalize woke journalists who ask questions about how Florida government spends money. Florida voters will love his display of dominance.

Eliot • 3 hours ago

I’ll bet his well-documented history of corruption had NOTHING to do with his election “victory.”

clay • 3 hours ago

A Christian Adoption Service! A Biblical Theme Park! A Children’s Cancer Charity!

check their pockets.

Jenna Hope ❤(●’◡’●) 2022 • 3 hours ago • edited

But he has Christian values$$$, case dismissed ! Christians ALL vote for him for his Christian decency (culture!) and Christians ARE VERY FORGIVING!

DJ Fifth-and-a-Half Element • 3 hours ago • edited

DeSantis will have anybody who comes after him detained/arrested/disappeared faster than you can say Rebekah Jones.